Thursday, 28 June 2012

Eleven questions

'meme' time as the name goes, which is quite funny as it means granny in French (well, with adding a couple of accents)!  
The idea is I answer the 11 questions set by my friend Recipe Junkie, then make up 11 questions of my own and tag another 11 people to answer them and so on.
I have been tagged so I've dutifuly answered my questions...

Wham! or Frankie goes to Hollywood

Frankie because I've got more memories of listening to them when I was young, have always liked their name (!) and also because I'd still listen to their music now (if I had the time and the opportunity!). Whether Wham!, well honestly... Other than for nostalgia? Nahhh

Dog or cat

Dog. I'm a sucker for their obvious affection for you and furry cuddles. Plus DH is allergic to cats so...!

Nigella or Delia

I actually quite like the 'classicsm' of Delia's main dishes recipes. When I cook from an English recipe I quite like it to be fairly traditionnal and Nigella's are a bit too exotic for me. But I'd choose her for the pudding.

Silent witness or CSI

How do I say this...? I've never watched either! (said while cringing). We don't have a tv so we never 'happen' onto anything and we don't watch many different things on i-player either.

Thomas Cook or Internet

Internet. We don't have much organising to do when we go on holidays as we generally end up in France to see the family.  But last year we went to Munich and I booked our flight and a self-catering appartment on the Internet. I just love browsing!

TV or radio

I-player at home. Radio in the car.

London or Paris

I've got to say Paris as I was born and raised there until I was 8. We lived in a lovely typical parisian building with a playground at the bottom (as they were then : bit of greenery, sand, a music stand and dark green duo swings). The lift in our building was an old fashioned one with a two pannels door and a folding gate.We had a balcony running along three of the flat's rooms, giving onto a busy boulevard (on th 6th floor, my parents were scared of the hight at first and wouldn't go anywhere near the railing!). My brother and I used to throw cloth pegs from it, using the washing line as slingshot.
We lived close to Montmartre and the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur which was a favourite outing.
Paris' 'quartiers' just evoke for me a feeling like no other place does...

If you could choose any 6 people to come for dinner with you (living or dead) who would you choose and why?

I think I would chose my grand-parents. I have known only my mother's mum fairly well, the other ones all died before I was 7. I'd also invite some very dear friends of my parents' age who used to live in Suffolk (and sadly have also left us now)  and to whom we took refuge when we lost our first baby boy at 32 weeks of pregnancy. For a whole week they looked after us with compassion but enough affective distance as well (as opposed to our parents) that it wasn't stifling. Nobody else, I think, could have done that in the same way they did.
And if I can choose also at what time of their lives they could come back for that dinner, I would say same as mine now (40!) . It would be interesting to see how we'd get along and if we would have been friends...

What would you cook?

I would cook the 'paupiettes' I learnt to cook with my mum, with rice to soak up the lovely tomatoes, garlic and red wine sauce. I love casseroles where the meat just melt in your mouth. Or maybe a cassoulet, but the 'proper' South West of France one. Sorry guys but the cassoulet recipes from English chefs are lovely but they are just not cassoulet! Too many vegs and not enough beans and goose fat... I've got the recipe in my well worn, dog-eared, French cookery book published in 1950! Then cheese of course. And maybe an apple tatin with a splash of Armagnac (in the butter...) followed by strong black coffee.

Favourite book when you were a child?
I loved the Nancy Drew series (called Alice Roy in the French version) and read almost all the books I think. Otherwise La Mare au Diable from Maupassant had made quite a strong impression on me.  

Earliest memory?

Crying in the stairs to my classroom on my first day at school! (I was 2 and a half)

 My questions :

Vegetable or flowers patch?

Bath or shower?

Tea for Two or Fly Me to the Moon?

What's your perfect idea of a Sunday morning?

Punch and Judy or Shakespear?

What were your dreams when you were 18?

Have you had plans that have been completely upset by Life ?!

How many children did you want before you had any?

What was your favourite dish when you were small?

What do you admire most (or only!) in your, hm hm, mother-in-law if you have or had one? ;) If not you can choose someone(but not necessarily s.o. you generally admire)

 What would you like the most to achieve in the next 20 years?


  1. Discovered your blog through Mumsnet...I'm back in Scotland after 12 years in France and how much do I miss paupiettes!!! The equivalent here is beef olives (which aren't olives at all), and French DH does them with that same sauce, but they don't have string on them so they fall apart...Looking forward to reading more!

    1. I don't know beef olives!
      People often ask if we miss France and we don't really but we do miss some of the food.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great list. Love your memories of growing up in Paris and the idea of having dinner with your grandparents and family friends when they were the same age as you are now.
    I've just bought a South West France cookery book, so will try out the cassoulet recipe :)
    (btw am very impressed you have four children and no telly!)

  3. Re no telly they still watch too much videos!
    I hope you'll enjoy your cassoulet, maybe with a nice wine as well!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.