Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Getting ready for school

People often ask me 'How do you manage to get 4 children ready in time for school?'

Well at the moment #4's first breakfast is breastmilk and sometimes she has something else after the school run, always more bm, and all that in her pyjamas. #3 has still to be dressed by me but at least he doesn't fight it. Although if he needs a nappy change as we leave it does throw me! One time it happened coupled with the realisation, once outside, that the Phil and Ted had a puncture... I experienced a very bleak couple of minutes. Fortunately we live in a small village where we know lots of people and Providence sent one of them strolling by on her way to school just at the right time.

As for #1 and #2 in all fairness they're not too bad, providing you're not suffering from a loss of voice and can shout regular reminders about eating breakfast and getting dressed. Sometimes they have their own agenda, which of course involved your participation (for example finding a particular item of theirs that has been long lost in the dedalus of their bedroom's mess) but is not brought to your attention before the last minute. The relativity of time makes perfect sense when you've got school children. Five minutes left to play is an extremely small measure of time but five minutes left to get ready before leaving for school almost equals eternity....

How are your school runs?!


Max's mission was a familiar one : save the world. And he had exactely 43 minutes to do it. First he had to get rid of the deadly radioactive substances that the mad scientist threatened to force feed to the President of the World. Max would have to eat them himself and quick.

 33 minutes to save the world... What to do now?
"We can't lose you agent Max!' Barked the President of the World. Max had to go to the decontamination chamber to rid his system of the deadly substances.

27 minutes to save the world... Max packed his agent's kit. Survival manual, check. Hydration solution, check. Mission report notebook, check. Energy rations, check.

19 minutes to save the world... Max needed to put on his special operations uniform. The President of the World helped him to locate his socks.

5 minutes to save the world...! Max purposefuly activated the special extra secure device desguised as a comb, just as the mad scientist was going to catch up with him.

Mission accomplished! Max set off for his next assignment, the mad scientist hot on his heels... 

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