Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Tale of the Boy and the Intruder

Once there was a boy called Max. Max was four and lived with his Mummy and Daddy and his dog Doodle who was his best friend in the whole wide world. Max was a very happy boy until...

One day Max's Daddy came to pick him up early from school, which was a bother as Max had been building a rocket. It looked like it was going to be the best thing he had ever built but it would certainly be ruined now. The inspiration would have left him by tomorrow! So Max  cried all the way home.

When he arrived home, however, Max understood what the rush had been and why his parents needed him. A Thing had invaded their home and it was terrible !

The Thing was very ugly, just like the aliens in Max's favourite TV programme : red, scrawny and wrinkly, with little claws of hands. Well, probably claws. His parents had managed to encase them in protective gloves to spare themselves of the deadly poison they must scratch you with.

The Thing quickly transformed Max's house in a mass of mess, ten times worse than what Max could achieve in a whole week!

The Thing made a terrible noise when it was hungry, piercing and blaring. It made your eyes water. And it was always hungry, even during the night.

The Thing always farted and pooped and the smell was terrible, worse even than brussel sprouts.

The Thing needed to be guarded at all times and Max's parents did not have so much time anymore for Max.

Worse, the Thing was here to say. Max's parents had said that they could not send it back (Max had asked).

Worse still, Max's parents were getting fond of the Thing. Max had heard about it on TV. It happened to people who were kept prisoners and Max and his family were certainly like prisoners...

Months passed and Max learned to just live trying to ignore that the Thing even existed. Life was not as it had been before but it was ok. The Thing was still braying and stinking but Max's parents were getting better at dealing with it. Max even started to forget what, exactly, life had been like before.

And then suddenly something quite extraordinary happened. Max was playing with his favourite rocket. The Thing was lying beside him, watching. Max engineered the launch of his rocket, which involved lots of weird noises (Max loved making weird noises). And the Thing laughed! A big, rolling, gurggling laugh that made Max feel something very strange. He felt happy and proud. He felt that what him, Max, did must be very special if it could make the Thing laugh in this way.

And from this moment Max thought that it might not be too horrible, after all, to have a little sister.

Copyright 2012 Mother Goutte


  1. Sorry, just realised I had posted this before I'd finished to fomat it!

  2. Love it! XXX You found the mumsnet blog thread too - i was meaning to text you about it.

  3. Thanks!! Yes, still learning but getting there! BTW am looking foward to your entry on A Year in the Merde ;-) xxx