Monday, 25 June 2012


Saturday was very busy. It was the school fete in #1 and #2's school. DH is in the parents' association so he was at school to help set up at 9 am with #1 and #2. Meanwhile #3, #4 and me were looking after two little boys who are roughly the same age as #3 and #4, i.e. 3 years and a bit less than 1 year. It went quite well, considering, although at some point I really got the urge to get out of the house! So I strapped #4 and her little boyfriend in the Phil and Ted, marshalled #3 and his mate into marching order and we had a little wander round the shops and the park. After my friend had picked up her boys we went to the school fete. #1 and #2 were running around from one stall to another, #3 watched the magic show, hooked floating fair trade products (really skillfully if I may say so myself), went on a tractor ride and had sweeties. Then we listened to the school's rock band before heading back home.
The evening was BBQ and money counting time. More fun and play for the children and it lasted up until around 9.40 pm (thanks Recipe Junkie! The banoffee pie was sooo delicious). Well, the children were veeery tired the day after! We had promised #1 and #2 to do some cycling in the afternoon. It was just a bit nightmarish, #1 and #3 taking it in turn to have meltdowns (payback time for having prolonged the joy of the evening rather than going back home to put them to bed).
Thing is I can really relate to that. I felt exactly like that when I was pregnant with #4, so tired, not able to enjoy anything, barely able to bear anything, that all I could do was cry.
So, here is a little story for that kind of times, for maybe a chance to stop, have a quiet time and feel understood...


When Betty woke up that morning it took her just a little moment longer to jump up out of bed than usual. If she had taken the time to think about it she might even have chosen to stay in bed a little longer... But bed is for bedtime, not for bright, sunny morning. When you are in bed you can't play!

So out she jumped and went straight in Mummy and Daddy's bedroom. But Mummy and Daddy are so slow in the morning, it always takes ages to make one of them get up, at least 10 minutes! 
Finally Mummy got up and went downstairs with Betty to give her her breakfast. By the time breakfast was ready Betty was feeling tired and tearfull. The bacon looked too pink, the juice not orangey enough and there weren't anymore of her favourite cereals.
"I don't like it!!! cried Betty.
-Please stop crying said Mummy, and tell me what you'd like."
Eventually Mummy got the bacon and juice right, nothing could be done about the cereals though.

Betty felt better after breakfast and asked to go and play outside. More waiting while Mummy was having her shower. Then off to the park to play! Swings, slide, climbing, turning, more swinging. Betty was starting to feel tired again and would quite like Mummy to take her home.
"It's getting late Darling, said Mummy, let's go home!
-No, shouted Betty, I want to go on a slide again!"

And she did want to go on the slide but, oh dear, she felt so tired... She stopped climbing the ladder and cried "I can't do it!"
Mummy came to help, picked up Betty and put her at the top of the slide.
"No, cried Betty, I want to do it myself!"
And she started crying and kicking and sobbing. She really wanted to climb the ladder and go on the slide one more time but she was too tired, and she really wanted to go home too. It was all just too much.

Mummy let Betty cry and kick for a little while. Then she looked in her bag and found a snack bar. She said "Do you want a snack Betty?
- Yeah, said Betty in a small voice.
-Do you want to come on my lap?"
And Betty let herself being picked up and put on Mummy's lap, and all was well again for 5 more minutes...

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  1. Oh dear, first trimester tiredness is all-too-vivid in my memory! (I'm currently around 23 weeks so still grateful every day not to feel sick...)
    Tired children. So sad. My youngest is dropping her nap, and sometimes too tired to go to sleep when we put her to bed. Angry, tired tears. Very tragic.

    1. Aw, it must be hard if you're expecting and your younger on is dropping her nap...
      Yes it's it's very sad when little ones are tired and frustrated and there is nothing we can do !
      All the best to you Rachel andthanks for commenting.