Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Washing up

I have never been a whizz when it comes to housework, far from it. But it definitely seems to be worse since the birth of #4. #3 has grown into a full-size, 100% efficient mess maker, #1 and #2 have long honed their skills in that department. Add to that looking after a baby who wants to be held a lot as babies do, cooking for everyone, working on my diploma (I'm training to become a breastfeeding counsellor), and - yes I confess - going on Facebook or my blog (you need a minimum of interaction with other adults, even virtual), and the dust gathers on carpets, the children's drawers become incumbered with endless clothes that have become too small, toys multiply and invade every area of the house, and so on and so force...

One thing I have never managed to master is to empty the dishwasher as soon as it's finished washing. Usually clean dishes seat for a while in their racks while the sink is getting filled up with dirty dishes. When the sink is absolutely full I empty the dishwasher of its clean dishes to fill it up with dirty ones, until the sink has enough space for me to be able to fill up the kettle with water without having to use a glass (you'll understand if you're like me).

I have tried sometimes to empty the dishwasher before the sink fills up, but some things still find their way to the sink rather than the still-to-fill-up dishwasher and I end up forgetting to finish loading the dishwasher and turning it on (because the sink is not full to the brim you see, which is normally the sign that the task needs doing). When the sink does become full to the brim I can't pu everything in the dishwasher and I am even more behind than usual!

I do know some people who are as disorganised as I am regarding housework but not enough! Please drop me a line if you understand me!!


  1. We have this problem in our house too. We also have 4 kids-coincidence? I think not!
    In NZ, where I come from, some people are putting TWO dishwashers in their kitchen and having one dirty and one clean at all times!

  2. That's an idea!
    I can't remember now how I could ever not have had a dishwasher. When it's happened that the dishwasher wasn't working we ended up having piles of dirty dishes all around the kitchen (just to have the space to wash some in the sink!).