Friday, 13 July 2012

Baking by Baby : Normande apple pie

You'll need :
8oz shortcrust pastry
Filling :
5 apples
4oz sugar (Mummy used only 1 tbsp to make it less sweet for me)
2oz butter
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Cream :
2 eggs
1 dl. creme fraiche
1oz sugar
1 tbsp calvados or brandy

Peel and cut the apples in thick slices. Sear in a pan where you will have first heated the butter up. Add the sugar and the cinnamon. The slices mustn't break.
Roll the pastry out and line a tart in with it. Put in the apples. Cook in the oven at 200C for 30 mn.

Meanwhile beat the eggs with the cream (could be milk for a lighter pie), sugar and calvados. Add to the pie after the 30mn and cook for another 15 mn or until browned.

For an only grown-ups version you can sprinkle with sugar and 'flambe' with calvados when cooked.

What Baby thought:

I like the different textures, although the first time I tried it I only ate the eggy mixture.
I had some again for breakfast and gave a go to the apples too.
It was easy for me to eat, I enjoyed 'peeling' things off and Mummy was pleased because I got dairy, eggs and fruit all in one!
As I liked the eggy mixture Mummy is thinking about giving me egg and milk 'cakes' for breakfast.

P. 9 months

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