Saturday, 14 July 2012

Best seat in the House

This end of the sofa is the best seat in the house for the children because it has the best view onto this...

It is actually a tv but we only use it to watch dvds and BBC iplayer.
The screen is in the corner of the room and it's not very big so the end of the sofa is really a strategic space.
The funny thing is that, given the choice, the children would rather sit on hard stools in the dining room and watch their videos on our laptop!

It's also the best seat for me. There is an electrical plug next to it, which means I can plug in my phone or my notebook and keep blogging/tweeting (both Tweeter and my blog need a good bit of power to function so I do need the plug!) while I'm feeding DB until the point where I'm stuck with her asleep in my arms . And there are handy shelves to put my cup of tea. That's me sorted !

NB. If you think it's great that we don't have a tv, let me tell you that our children still spend too much time in front of that screen. They just watch a lot of the same things!

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