Friday, 20 July 2012

More about me and falling in love

Oh! It's too much, a SECOND Reader Appreciation Award!!! *fanning myself, swooning*

This time it's from my real life friend Recipe Junkie, yes, the very one who's had her rhubarb and vanilla pods jam recipe retweeted by @realnigelslater ! Do I have to say anything else to convince you to go and visit her blog?

Not only am I really touched that two lovely bloggers have thought of me for that award but I am also very happy to have another go at writing the post.

I confess that I wrote the first time during a very busy week and, well... I don't think I did it with all the care it deserved.

So... Let's see these questions and I'll explain the 'rules' later.

Favourite colour

I'm going to say blue-grey, which is the colour of DH's eyes. But I actually didn't know the colour of his eyes until some time after I fell in love with him.
For a couple of years we met occasionnally at parties or outings organised by a common friend. DH had already moved away from France so that would have been a maximum of three meetings a year. The very first time was a New Year's Eve party, I was dressed as Calamity Jane and he was one of the Thompson brothers. The next year he was Captain Haddock I think and I was Sherazade. Like two naughty children who like each other but don't know it we spent most of the evening  firing paper balls on each other (I know, cute isn't it?!). Later the same year we exchanged our email addresses. Having an email address was very new for me. I didn't own a computer but could use one at work.
And that's how we fell in love, exchanging long emails in which we were never serious. DH wrote every day and I answered, and sometimes he said I should come to visit Munich.
And I did, and the colour of his eyes became the most beautiful colour in the world...

Favourite animal

Ok it's not very original but I have to say dog.
When I was a child, after my family left Paris, my parents came to pick us up from school one day, my brother and I, and said that there was a surprise in the car and that it was very fragile. And it was a puppy Bouvier des Flandres. I was 8. When he died, 14 years later, it was the second time in my life that I truly experienced grief.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink

Well, tea actually! I drink tea all day long, every day.Years ago I became anemic and had a treatment with which I couldn't drink tea. It was hell! Then I got better AND we moved to England. It was Heaven !

Facebook or Twitter

Both really. Twitter I use mainly on my phone but not that one, wherever I am. It's a bit like a tam tam being relayed throughout the world conveying important messages like "A new post is out on my blog!" or something to vent your mood. For Facebook I prefer to be on my computer and I use it to stay in touch with friends and family far away or people in the village whom I don't see because I'm too busy with the children!

Giving or getting presents

As Yummy Mummy? Really? rightly pointed out it's very nice to give presents if you're sure they're going to make someone happy. I love the lengths to which 'Becky' goes in Mini Shopaholic to make her husband a present that will blow him away.
Do you go to Christmas parties where everyone bring a small present to play Secret Santa? At the one I go to every year we are not allowed to spend more than £5. And actually, it's amazing what you can get for £5 if you look hard enough. Last year I bought the Hairy Bikers 12 days of Christmas through the Book People, £5 ! The year before I bought a pashmina style scarf, £5 ! Do you know what I got both times? Bath sets... What do I need Body Soufflé for?! So in that case I definitely prefer giving.

Favourite day of the week

To quote  'Jo' in You've Got Mail  (one of my favourite films), himself quoting The Godfather "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday..."
I don't really have a favourite day of the week. The same day can be absolutely dreadful one week and lovely the other, can't it ?

Favourite flower

I actually very much like wild flowers. When I lived on my own in my small appartment in France, I would often go for a walk and pick every sort of flower and some plants I found to make a simple but vibrant bouquet for my sitting room.


I love the sea. In France I used to live very close to lots of lovely (and quiet) beaches. I would swim almost every day from June to September (or some good years May to October), even if it had to be in the early evening when I was working.
I miss the sea. It's such a trip from where we live to go on the coast. Overcrowded roads and beaches.
But then I suppose that, even if we lived where I used to in France, it would be very different with four young children in tow.
Still, I would love to live closer to the sea, even just to look at it. It's so alive, the light and colour and even shape (low tide, high tide, storm!) always changing.
Last Easter we spent four days on the Isle of Wight, in a cottage on the seafront. It was so beautiful and peaceful. DS loved watching all the boats coming and going between the island and Southampton and he cried for 20 mn when we came home because he wanted to go to "the other house"!

And to 'spread the love' I have chosen to nominate my fellow Wednesday Witter bloggers, all of whom have written wonderful posts for the last edition of this nice linky. There is still plenty of room for more if you want to join next time!
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  1. I love these awards, especially for the fun answers. It's like being a nosey parker, but without guilt x.

  2. I know! It's fun isn't it?
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment Lesley. x