Friday, 27 July 2012

Our Taxi

She's back ! Our taxi has been away in a body repairs workshop for 8 weeks, which has necessited adjustemenst to our timetable...
When possible we have asked for a lift from friends,we have taken the train, the bus. We have cancelled things. We have rented a car once to go to my two days workshop at the beginning of July (I'm training as a breastfeeding counsellor)..
DS played in the car and left the lights on. We had to call the AA to jump start the car when it was time to go back home !
When one of the girls has been going to friends' for tea after school we've had to ask for them to be brought back home to us.
We were not even 100% sure that she would be back in time to go on holidays !! DH actually just went to pick her up last night and we are catching the boat to France this afternoon. And even the pick up was a bit nerve racking. DH had called in the morning to ask if he could pick up the taxi at lunchtime but she wasn't ready... The workshop finally called at 4.00 pm to say that they had finished. DH was going to get to the workshop with one of his colleagues, who was in a meeting. The meeting ended at 5.00 pm, they needed 40 mn to go to the workshop and it closed at 5.30 pm. A bit tight, isn't it? DH called them and they agreed to stay open until 6.00 pm!

So finally she is here ! I haven't actually taken a picture of her yet but I think she looks pretty snazzy on that pic !
She's called Rocket by the way, according to our two girls of 7 and 9.
She's actually lost a while ago the silver lines on the front wings and doors, and her colour might be a bit lighter aftre her big "facelift".

The problem was that she was very rusty. We had had a few patch up repairs done but the rust was eating away at the bodywork. We were faced with the possibility to drive Rocket in that state until she fell apart, do something drastic, or buy a new taxi.
But the thing is you get attached to a car like this. We bought her when I was pregnant with Dear Angel 2. After we'd lost him and that DD1 insisted on planted an apple tree in the garden (she was 4), we brought the young sapling back in the taxi.
We've been through quite a lot with her...
When we asked for a quote to have her completely stripped off, rust treated, repainted and put back together again, and that the quote came back at £4,800 we did have a moment of hesitation ! But not for long. The thing is that the issue would have been the same with a new taxi (we would still have bought a Fairway, Rocket's model).
So, also the repairs came to the price of a new car, we decided to go for it. We think that these cars deserve to be kept in good condition and with the Fairways disappearing from London streets this year it's more important than ever.
We took a loan and drove Rocket to what was going to be her beauty parlour !
It turned out that the rust was worth than thought at first. They had to replace the wings with fiberglass ones but you can hardly see the difference. They also changed the windscreen with one of the FOUR available ones in all UK ! And they replaced the fixations for the fuel tank, which were very rusty too and were about to give way (we could have ended up loosing the fuel tank on the motorway, on our way to the boat for France!).

Here she is now, our beautiful taxi, off to France in a few hours. No doubt she is going to attract a lot of attention again. Last time we took her to France, we had been going for a swim in a small harbour town in Normandy and came back to find eight people around her !

I will update my Twitter account with pics of her "new body" so check @MotherGoutte !

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