Sunday, 15 July 2012

Prize possession : Bunny

Lately I have been tempted to post about lots of things and I haven't taken time to think about what I really wanted to talk about (hmm, lots of abouts, sorry). I have also lost sight of the fact that I started this blog to tell stories... So here is a story about falling in love and how willfulness and tantrums are just a question of perspective.

There was a little girl called Anna.

Anna was five and lived with her Mummy, her Daddy, her big brother, her big sister, her baby brother, and her baby sister.

With all these children in the house, and with presents from Granny and Grumps, and Grandma and Grandpa, for birthdays, Christmas, holidays and "because I thought you would like it, Love", there was a rather huge amount of toys in Anna's rather small house. In fact Mummy and Daddy always said that there were far too much toys in the house, that they couldn't put one foot anywhere without trading on a toy.

So when Anna and her family went to the Fair that day, Anna knew that she could go on the merry-go-round, have candyfloss and sweeties, maybe even ice-cream, play coconut shy and hook-the-duck for a lolly, but she certainly wouldn't be allowed to buy or try to win a toy.

But then Anna saw a new stall, with guns and a shooting  target, and shelves with toys. And there, all on his own, was Bunny.

Anna knew instantly that Bunny and her belonged together and that Bunny was waiting for her to take him home. Anna silently promised him that she wouldn't leave the fair without him.

Then Anna asked as nicely as she could "Please Daddy, could you win that Bunny for me? He needs me." Daddy looked at Mummy and then said " Sorry Anna, you know you've got too many toys already. Maybe you can ask for a bunny next Christmas." And that was it! They were moving away! So Anna started crying "I want the Bunny, I want the Bunny!" But Mummy and Daddy wouldn't listen.

They went to the merry-go-round and Anna cried.

They got candyfloss and Anna cried.

They played coconut shy for a lolly and Anna cried.

And each time she thought about Bunny, all alone on the shooting stall, Anna cried harder, sobbing and gasping for air. How could Mummy and Daddy leave Bunny behind? They were always saying " Stay close, we don't want to lose you." But they had let Anna loose Bunny. How could they?

Anna was only small. She didn't have any money to pay for the game. And she wouldn't be able to win. She didn't know either how to tell Mummy and Daddy what she felt for Bunny. She couldn't do anything. So she cried.

Mummy and Daddy tried to distract her, they tried to cajole her, they tried to tell her off. "You can't have everything you fancy." they said. Fancy! And Anna cried.

They had ice-cream and Anna cried.

 They went to the bouncy castle and Anna cried.

By the time they bought sweeties for the journey home Anna's face was all blotchy and she felt very hot. Mummy and Daddy were talking aside together. "Ok Anna, said Mummy. We're going to get the bunny. But that's the only time we will be giving in to a fancy, you hear me!"

Anna's face lit up and she gave a big hug to her Mummy. Then she seized her Mummy's hand and dragged her towards the stall. Her heart was beating painfully fast. What if Bunny wasn't there any more? What if the stall was closed? But the stall was still open and Bunny was still there, waiting for her.

Daddy won easily and Anna pointed to Bunny. The man in the stall bent down and got something furry in a box. "No! cried Anna. I want that one!" Her voice was going all wobbly again. "Could we have that one? said Daddy. She's been crying all day for it, he added with an indulgent smile."

Finally, finally! Bunny was taken off his shelf and placed into her arms. She squeezed him with all her might and whispered "I told you I wouldn't leave you!"

And she never ever left him.

Copyright 2012 Mother Goutte


  1. So many powerful images in your story x.

  2. Thanks for your comment Lesley :)

  3. That's lovely! I'm almost crying myself now. (Softie!)

  4. Aw, that's a lovely compliment! Thanks for reading. x

  5. Everyone needs a bunny in their life, though. Mine is called 'Long Thin'

  6. Very true. Mine is called 'Panthere' (and I did cry through a whole day to get him home!)