Wednesday, 4 July 2012


#4 is teething... Lots of big bulges on her gums, dribbling and fingers gnawing. She inspired me to write a little story, as if told by her.


Yaaaawn... What is it Bigme calls it? 'You're awake!' Think liked it better before. Ah well, here comes Bigme!
Pick Littleme up, pick up!
Aww, cuddle.

Yum yum? Yum yum!
Ouch, ouch, ouch! It hurts in Littleme's mouth! Need to bite.
Oops... Bigme didn't like that. Littleme had better try not to do it again.

Ooh, other yum yum that's not from Bigme! What's that? It's slippery. How to put that in Littleme's mouth? Turn it around. No, not like that. Turn a bit more. Yes, got it!
Not bad. Sweet. Yellow.
Ok, enough now. Yum yum can go on the floor.

Oh, here comes Theotherone. Pick up, pick up!
Arf, arf, arf, that tickles!
Ouch, ouch, hurt in mouth! Booh hoo! Whaaaaa!
Don't want the silly bumpy ring! Whaaaa! Don't want the silly gel! Whaaaa!
Spoon? Spoon! Yes... That's better.

Eh, Funnyone!
"Be gentle with your sister, Max."
-Yes Mummy."
Funnyone, do that thing on my tummy again! Again!
Ouch, ouch, Littleme's mouth! Whaaaa!

"What is it my love?
- It's her teeth Mummy. She needs her giraffe."

Aah, Funnyone's bringing Sophie the Giraffe. Love Sophie the Giraffe. Squashy and chewy.

Yaaaawn. Tired now. Going to look at the dark for a little while. Byee...

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