Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday witter - 11/07

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When I was a child we finished school at the end of June or beginning of July. It was officially Summer then and we could start spending our afternoons on the beach, swimming, building sandcastles or playing in throck pools.
Here the start of Summer, for me and the children, is generally the last half-term holiday when the open swimming pool, up at our school, starts the season. We tend to spend several afternoons there during the school break, and then as many evenings as we can. But of course this year, with this horrid weather, we haven't been able to go as much (although we've managed once a week but with DD1 asking me afterwards "Mummy, whay are your feet blue?"...).

And here we are, the last week of most school clubs still being on, the week of the swimming gala, the last parents consultatives and the ballet class show. But... it still doesn't feel like Summer! And it's dispriting and exhausting. I need just a bit of warmth and sunshine, and being able to go in the swimming pool with my son without turning blue. DB hasn't even been in at all, it's too cold.

So instead of enjoying the weather I take refuge into blogging. This week I've blogged about Afternoon tea, our most tidy room award and the Reader Appreciation Award. But, come on ! A bit less of a computer screen and more of lovely sunshine, pleaaaaase!!!


  1. I couldn't agree more! It's been gloriously sunny here this morning, then I just had a sneaky bath while Littlest is at nursery and the heavens have opened! Fed. Up. With. It.


  2. Me too... I was telling DH yesterday that it's the first 'Summer' I've been wearing jeans every day. Pfff...

  3. i so know how you feel..i hate hate hate the rain..we are planning our escape!!

  4. Lucky you. We're going to Normandy, so no escape there...!