Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday Witter #3 : 85p of tomatoes

This morning Frog, age 9, went to buy 4 tomatoes from our local deli while I waited at the door. This deli also does light bites from breakfast to afternoon tea so they have a small plate for tips on the counter.

Well, after Frog bought her 4 tomatoes, for around I 85p, she then came out of the shop and told me proudly that she had put a £1 coin in the plate...

I have four children, ranging from 9 months to 9 years, and yet I am still amazed at how little they know. Well, I mean , I know it really! But I keep forgetting and being alternately surprised, amused or irritated by what they will do.

These 'simple' things pedagogs insist on being important to do with children, they're only simple for us and yes I do believe it's important to do them with children and to let them have a go.

 I found puzzling that the National Trust launched recently a campaign to 'reconnect' children with nature. What do we do differently nowadays with our children that created a need to make them reconnect with nature ? And do we do enough of the 'simple' thing ?

What better time to teach little, simple things to our children than during the holidays?! Whatever we do when we have time off work to spend with our children, there are still these simple things to do : shopping, little tasks, going for a walk, writing a note for the postman (another thing Frog did this morning in case the parcel she was expecting arrived while we were out!), or buying tomatoes !



  1. I am with you - I think it is so important to let them and encourage them to do things for themselves - small, uneventful things but which are a big deal to them. I shooed my daughter into asking for our spade back yesterday. It took her 5 minutes to buck up the courage (she's quite shy) but she did it and felt so proud of herself, as was I.

    Thanks for joining in again! A small thing I really appreciate!

  2. Yes they do feel very proud when they do something like that. It really boosts their confidence.

    My pleasure! Thanks for the linky ;)

  3. I quite agree. Sometimes we are too busy to just stop and think about the kinds of things young children need to learn how to do.

  4. One of the things I find the most tricky in being a parent!