Monday, 20 August 2012

Coincidence... or is it ?

Last time we made major reparations on our London Taxi was when one of the wings was badly damaged by rust. We managed to find a spare just when we were beginning to think we'd have to go for a fibreglass one. It was fitted on the car and we rejoiced to see the taxi hole free again.
I was then pregnant with DB and suffering from a bad bachache. Therefore I took the taxi to go and see a friend in our village when I would normally have walked. That was a couple of weeks after the new wing had been fitted on. I parked next to a small bollard, forgot all about it when I left and scraped the new wing...

This year we decided to treat our taxi to a complete renovation. All the bodywork was stripped off, treated, straightened, repainted and refitted on the car. It was a big and expensive job on which we had pondered for a while, finally deciding to do it rather than buy a new car.
Yesterday, less than a month since we've had the taxi back after the repairs, we all went for a meal at Pizza Express. Having just been on holidays we were not thinking of doing anything of the kind, but one of DH's work colleagues from abroad gave him some vouchers as a thank you gift.
You can see what's coming, can't you?
The small car park of the restaurant has got, all around, a very low fence. The said fence has got an almost twin a few inches away from one of its borders, running parallel to it and delimiting a footpath. When I reversed to park the car, loosing sight of the low fence, I took its twin for the
 car park one and went straight into the fence, denting the rear of the car... I was slightly under shock yesterday I think. DH was awfully nice about it too. But today I have felt awful and teary all morning.

Yes these things happen, but why just after spending so much money ?!!! These two incidents are also the only times I have damaged our taxi.
It just can't be coincidences. It has to be the evil work of some malign spirit!

When I was a child my grandmother used to talk about "bruches", some little house witches who take pleasure at tangling your hair while you sleep, making you loose objects, making a clean sheet drying on the line fall into the dust, that kind of things. In other words, some sort of pests.
Well, our taxi seem to have a knack to attract pests. Once we visited a goat farm in France and, when we left, all the flies of the farm seemed to have entered the taxi.
Recently, just before the big works actually, two mice had elected our taxi as their home.
So I think some "bruches" from the South West of France must have somehow found their way into our car and right now they're laughing their heads off while I weep.

Coincidence ? Ha !


  1. Oh dear, poor you, hope the car isn't too bad.

    My grandmother had premonitions. She would say, don't kick that ball, you'll break the window. And what do you know, we broke the window :-)

    Now, go kick that evil spirit's a**e.

    1. Thanks Lesley, this made me laugh. I love your grandmother's premonitions!

  2. Good story but really mainly impressed by you having a taxi. Time you told these nasty spirits who is boss!

  3. A taxi like ours, a Fairway, is actually really easy, and not very expensive, to buy. I love having it as our family car, being able to semi-stand in the car to strap the kids in and then just wheel the buggy at the back. :)