Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday Witter #6 : Hello again - trying to reconnect

I'm back ! It's been Silent Two Weeks for me as we have been on holidays in France with no computer, no network, nothing... I had the odd moment when I could access my accounts and post a tweet but mainly I have been very much out of it all.

I didn't miss (too much!) being literally disconnected. Well, a bit during the first week as DD2 got tonsilitis and we were stuck inside. But even when I managed to go online I didn't really feel the thrill of instant communication and realised I was disconnected in more than one way. I had, it seemed, switched off my internal communication tools.

Coming back the wish to be connected to the wider world has been coming back gradually, everyday life asserting itself again. Although now it is the world that seems to have switched off with me. My blog hasn't had so many visits and I don't know what people are talking about on Twitter!

It's funny how modern communication goes far in distance but is so very much of the moment. How easily can we be forgotten if our voice doesn't make itself be heard for a while ?!


  1. That's really interesting how easily it is to become disconnected with so much communication around us. Hope the tonsillitis has now gone.

  2. Time to time I was checking the WiFi settings available. They were all secured but it was funny to see the usernames. One was called 'baignoire' (bath tub)!
    Yes the tonsillitis has gone. DD2 was ok to enjoy Paris at least :-)

  3. hope you had a goo holiday! we have been out of it for a bit..and it all moves on so quickly!

  4. We did have a very good holiday and it's hard to get back to real life!