Wednesday, 19 September 2012

#SnapHappyBritMums : Water

The Josephine Baker swimming pool, on the river Seine.

Water, with the proper safeguarding, is such a fun and fascinating element for children.

DS loved that parisian swimming pool where you can swim AND see boats go by and we were very lucky to be able to visit that place. But children can have fun with water with much more humble means! I remember spending litterally hours standing behind DD1 perched on a chair in front of the sink. An experience repeated with DD2 and Recipe Junkie's Pink when they were small!
There is always that wonder, with a very small child, of watching a stream of water and trying to catch it and so much more...

Water in a toy tea pot to pour again and again and again. 
Water in sports bottles to squirt on friends (a favourite everywhere with children on school run!).
Water from a fountain in the centre of town, running under the spray. 
Water in puddles, going in your boots when you jump hard. 
Water falling from the sky!
Water in the bath, trying to splash up to the ceilings and form hanging droplets (DD2...!).
Water in the river with little things living in it.
Water with colour added.
Water spat back in the glass with what was in your mouth (DS).
Water poured on Mummy's head in the bath to give her a shampoo.
Water spilled over from the paddling pool turning the garden into mud.
Water from a hose or a sprinkler, being sprayed and squeal and laugh.
Drops of water in the sky, turning light into a rainbow.

How do 'your' children play with water ?!

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  1. mine use to love super soakers and at one point every child on the street had one