Thursday, 11 October 2012

My 'olden days' kitchen dream

Since I have been old enough to imagine in what sort of house I would like to live I have always thought that I would really like a big kitchen which would be the heart of the house, a bit like my grand-mother's. With a big table, a grand-father clock and a standing cupboard that smells of wood, tea and homemade cakes in battered tins.

In our present house we have a galley kitchen with fitted elements and an inox sink and there isn't really any way it could be any different. But I'm thinking... The kitchen opens onto the dining room and THAT could be an extension of the kitchen, designed how I dream it.

We are lucky to have a fireplace in that room. It's not being used presently although its twin, on the other side of the wall, warms up our sitting room on cold and grey winter days. That fireplace would be perfect for a small range like this :

Or even this :

Doesn't it look lovely?

The room is not massive and the oval table we have at the moment rather cramps it. A bench along the wall, a simple, rectangular, wooden table, and stools that can easily be tucked underneath, would be great and much more practical. Lots of lovely tables here, a bit on the expensive side but good ideas for the sort of design I would like.

Now that the longest bit of wall is used the trick would be to finf small pieces of furniture that would add to the 'kitcheny' feeling of the room.

I would love a small grand-father clock to go betweem the fireplace and the sitting room's door or between the window giving onto the garden and the door to the galley kitchen (but we would have to move the light switch!).
Something like this :

And maybe we could have a dresser top fixed to the wall, ideally under the stairs, above the radiator (although with the range we could almost get rid of the radiator!). This should fit :
I could finally display the china plates I got from my grand-mother and some odd lovely tea cups I found over the months in our charity shop.

We would have old wooden doors fitted in front of the shelves DH put up between the fireplace and the wall. And we would have ceramic tiles in front of the fireplace (there isn't anything at the moment, just concrete and at lower level that the wooden floor). I was thinking antic ones but something like this would be fun (but maybe completely out of budget!):

The table would always be clean and tidy (cough, cough), the children sitting around it to do colouring or homework or rolling out cinnamon and honey dough to make biscuits, me at one end of the table, blogging on my notebook. An old kettle on the range, ready for a cuppa at any time, maybe a cake baking in the oven, or a fragrant soup on the hob. The grand-father clock gently chimes the blissful hours while outside the rain hits the windows and the wind howls, the family oblivious to their spiteful voices...


  1. Lovely ideas, I would love an old property with an oldy worldy kitchen. The range's look fantastic! Good luck with the competition! x

  2. Hello Mother Goutte
    Rated people would like to say special thank you for entering the Tots 100 competition. We really appreciated all the people who joined in and took the time and effort to come up with some amazing ideas.
    Adam Walker