Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dairy and egg free cupcakes

With DS's diet at the moment - no milk, no eggs, making cakes is a bit tricky!

I made a cake for his birthday, using soya butter and egg replacement powder and madeira cake recipe (same proportions of sugar, flour and butter). The cake tasted nice but was quite dense and greasy.

I had another try reducing the amount of butter. In fact I ran out and didn't even have half of the weight of the flour! It was greasy but dense again and a bit rubbery, not as nice to eat as the first attempt.

Then the other day DD1 and DD2 made some cupcakes for school and DS and I had another go. We used:
6oz flour
6 oz sugar
1tsp baking powder
3 heaped tsp of Ogran egg replacement powder + 6 tbsp soya milk (although the instructions say water)
3oz soya butter
A drop of vanilla extract
85% cocoa chocolate that we cut into 'chips'

We put the flour, sugar, baking powder and egg replacement powder in a bowl, mixed them together. Then we added the milk and vanilla, mixed a bit. Then the butter and mixed thouroughly, adding a bit more milk to make the dough a bit more 'creamy'. Finally the chocolate. We placed a generous tbsp of dough in our cupcakes cases and put in the pre-heated oven (180°). They cooked for longer than usual cupcakes, around 25mn (or until they start to take a golden colour).

They were just right! Light, not too greasy nor too dry and tasted yummy.

And we finally got an appointment for DS in hospital to find out what exactly he's allergic too, so maybe he will be allowed something back!

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