Thursday, 8 November 2012


Yesterday I was walking my little boy to preschool and another boy was behind us and said very loudly "A. is not very nice!" I didn't hear his mum say anything but he repeated "A. is not very nice, he's not very nice at all!"

As you can imagine my blood boiled as I saw hurt (or thought I saw hurt?) on my son's face. I itched to say "Takes one to know one!".

I know my son is boisterous and he likes to play tough with his friends (there is in particular one of his best friends with whom he always wrestles!), but he is also generous, always sharing treats he got to eat, and he also shares his toys quite well for someone his age (he will be 4 in January).

Then this morning the same boy was at preschool. They had a table with lots of plastic creepy-crawlies, magnifiers, twizzers and egg-shaped pincers to 'catch' the things. DS came to the table and reached towards one of the pincers, two being in front of THAT boy.
Well, what do you know, the boy seized both of the pincers waving his hands and swatting so DS coudln't have one! DS just moved away and the boy put the pincers back on the table. So - and there I might have behaved a bit childishly - I took one. The boy protested "I need two!" to which I answered sweetly "No you don't." Then I gave him one of the tweezers and said that way he would have two different things.

Well, it was only reasonable that he should share the pincers! And it turns out HE is the not very nice one!!

Have you ever felt like that, like you could quarrel with a 4 yo for the sake of your own child?!

On a more serious note, I do realise that they're only 4 and everything goes at that age. It's more the fact that the mother let her son vindictive mine that shocked me, but then I don't quite have the nerve to go into an Outnumbered like discussion with another mother (Mum discussing swapsies)...!

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