Monday, 18 February 2013

Baking - Monday club

I just love how DS is concentrating on breaking eggs to put into his cake mixture. He's really good too!

Funnily enough he doesn't actually like cakes, but since I've bought a doughnuts tin and we put some of the mixture in it he likes eating his 'cake doughnuts'! It's a nice thing to do while his older sisters are at school and they get fairy cakes for school pick up.

It's strange... I don't remember enjoying doing that as much with his older sisters... Maybe I have a more relaxed attitude to the mess ensuing and the edible state of the finished product. Maybe he listens more. Maybe the circumstances are more favourable (when DD1 was 4 her sister was 2 and wanting to join in and when DD2 was 4 I had a newborn).

Whatever it is, it's a time to enjoy!

I'm linking up with Sarah Miles' Monday Club


  1. Breaking the eggs is the absolute fav thing for my kids, but they usually explode albumen and shell everywhere! Lovely picture and sentiment :)

  2. Yes it's quite the highlight of making a cake isn't it?!

    Thank you :)