Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cake salé (savoury cake)

Savoury cake is something of a tradition in my family as my grandmother used to make it.
She had a bit of land, including half of a small hill at the back of her garden! When on holiday at her house, in Gers, we would pack a picnic with a cake salé, climb up the hill and have our picnic with a view onto Auch and its cathedral. Then my brother and I would go down the hill running a fast as we could!

Savoury cake is great for picnics, buffets or brunch or even high tea. And the recipe could not be simpler!

I basically always use the same recipe, just changing the 'filling'. There are as many different combinations possible as what takes your fancy!

For 6 :
2 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
4 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup vegetal oil
about 8 oz grated cheese

Today I added olives and ham but you could do sundried tomatoes and black olives, mushrooms and garlic, pepper and chilli, figs and walnuts, pesto (even better home made) and pine nuts, etc.

If you can it's nice to leave it 24h before eating it (which I rarely manage!).

You can do a vegan version with a soya or other dairy free milk (although I find the rice one a bit too 'thin') and egg replacement powder (I like to add two tbsp of milk per spoon of egg replacement powder, rather than water).

You can also do a gluten free one with half cornflour and half rice flour.

Taking a picture was a bit tricky as 1) I forgot to check if the cake was cooked and it was still just a little bit gooey 2) DH decided to take it out of the tin, turned it over and shook until it came off, that is until the inside fell down in a mess... I put it all back in and finished cooking it but it would never be the same again...!


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  1. Thanks for the recipe, printing it off now :-)