Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Little train cupcakes

This week DS is potty training. To be honest I was starting to despair that it would ever happen!

It had been constantly delayed : The birth of his baby sister, a bad gastro enteritis that lasted more than 4 weeks and meant constant diarrhea, plus subsequent concern that he might be dairy intolerant, and just plain, complete and utter lack of interest on his side!

But having now reached the age of four, the start of school looming not far ahead and his key worker having flagged that she couldn't move his targets while he was still in nappies... We thought it was time.

And we've been pulling all the stops to motivate him. So today it's the Little Train cupcakes. It's not exactly as I saw it in my mind... I forgot to buy icing sugar when I was shopping so I had to use what I had at home, Demerara sugar, so the grass had a bit of a... tinge! The shop didn't have any liquorice laces and I had to do the tracks in strawberry ones... But still, DS liked it!

For the cupcakes I used :
6 oz flour
6 oz sugar (a mix of white and demarara as I ran out of white!)
1 tsp baking powder
3 eggs
1 drop vanilla essence
6 oz margarine

For the butter icing :
8 oz Icing (or so it should have been) sugar
3 oz butter

The train and tender are made of millionaire shortbread and liquorice all sorts.


  1. Ha ha, what a brilliant idea! Your description of using whatever ingredients were in the cupboard, sound a little like my attempts - demerera sugar instead of icing sugar?! Honestly, the boys do get it in the end, promise!

  2. Thank you Suzanne! We're making progress I must say. Slow but steady! He does manage the potty when he's got nothing on :O and he's gone from saying that he needed a wee when he had actually done it in his pants to saying he was wet but it was an accident. Yes, we'll get there!