Sunday, 3 February 2013


The picture doesn't do it justice (it's hung opposite of the top of a flight of stairs with no natural light!) but this is a lovely drawing of a fishing boat by moonlight.

I don't even know who's the artist. It's an heirloom from an old priest who was both our landlord and neighbour.
My mum used to bring him his meals when he got old. He was of a family of five I think and every one of them had either embraced church or monastic life!

It's only years later (I must have been 19 when he died) that I realised what a lovely and interesting man he was.
We shared his garden but he left us the sole use of it, including the old apple trees that grew such delicious fruits.
Once my brother and I broke a glass of his conservatory with a tennis ball but he didn't get at all cross.
He was a very gentle soul and never raised his voice.

I'm really glad I've got this drawing to remember him!

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