Monday, 25 February 2013

More baking! - Monday Club

Looking after four children is fine, honestly. Until the youngest one gets poorly... And then it's mayhem!!!

DB started having a high temperature the Tuesday of half term. Luckily DH had that day off so it was ok. The day after DD2 was off to a friend's house for a sleepover so that was fine too.

It's on the day of the biscuits, Friday, that all hell broke loose... DB was really grumpy, feverish and tired in the morning and the other three were getting bored and needed attention. Endless siblings fights ensued and I got more and more frustrated as neither of them was listening to me and I couldn't do anything, sitting on the sofa, trying to allow DB to have some sleep.

So I felt it was no small achievement to take this picture: table clean, biscuit dough whipped up and shared, flour sprinkled, oven warming up. All between lunchtime and DB's appointment at the Doctor's, at which point one of my lovely neighbours was coming to look after the older three and have her share of biscuits, while I would for once be thankful for the doctor's appointment being half an hour late!

Monday Club


  1. Hope everyone's better now. Very impressed that you managed to get some baking done in the middle of it all! :)

  2. I was quite impressed with myself too! ;)

    Yes everyone is better thank you, and back to school/playgroup! *punches the air*

  3. Ugh, been there...but did not have the resilience to get them baking - hats off to you!

    Glad they are all back at school :) I am sure the snivels save themselves up for the breaks.....x

  4. Thank you :) I'm not sure if it was resilience or desperation but it felt good!

    Yes I think the breaks are definitely the favoured time for bugs...! Roll on Summer.