Saturday, 2 February 2013

Photo of the week: Pancake!

When I was little pancakes were sometimes a treat for our 'goûter' at around 4 o'clock. Then we had tea at 8.30. But with our children we've adopted the 5 o'clock teatime so they don't have a big afternoon snack like we did.

In our house pancakes are a regular meal. We have them with ham and cheese, bacon, sausages, anything really. The little ones are generally quite quick to switch to jam and chocolate spread!
I once tried to make pancakes for a 'goûter', my children didn't understand at all and thought we were having an early tea!

Pancakes were also a popular stall at school and village fetes. I remember being in charge of such a stall in my school when I was maybe thirteen our fourteen. Fond memories!


  1. Looks lovely. I love pancakes. on holiday in Greece I had the most gorgeous pancake with chocolate and strawberries! x

    1. Chocolate and strawberries sound very nice! There are many 'creperies' in France, sometimes the choices on offer for different sweet pancakes are just mind blowing!!

  2. Oh now I want Pancakes!!!! We adore pancakes in this house.....*goes off in the hunt for pancake mix*

    Thank you so much for linking up with Photo of The Week

    1. LOL

      I think my children get a bit tired of them sometimes! But it's such an easy tea.

      Thanks a lot for hosting. Must remember to grab the badge!