Friday, 29 March 2013

Daily 'commute', well... school run!

Inspired by my hubby's new blog and the photo report of his daily commuting (that you can see here), I give you my own daily travels, namely the school run...

This is the start of  'the hill'. It's not much when you just have to walk up it but add pushing a buggy with one hand and dragging a child with the other and it's just a bit more tricky. And when I was pregnant with DD3... Well I'd tried  to convince myself it was good exercise to be ready to give birth.

When I'm not dragging him behind DS is often to be found at some distance... That day he was playing at letting me walk from him and running to catch up.


 He often 'hides'...

Or reads the street signs.

 And sometimes I find myself going on the school run with a Super.

It's always an adventure as I never know when I will finally be home...!

I'm linking up with the Monday Club (yes, I know, it's not Monday...).

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