Monday, 4 March 2013

Kids and dogs - Monday Club

This dog/charity bucket has always been there as far as we're concerned and every single one of our children has in turn stroked, cuddled, patted, ridden, pretend walked, jumped on it and put a penny through its head for its trouble! 
It's quite amazing the fascination that animals in general and dogs in particular hold for little ones.
They also have all asked and are still asking to have a dog belonging to the family. DS had just joined the rank of the Can-we-have-a-dog beggars. 
Unfortunately, and although I appreciate all that having a dog can bring to children, I can't see it happening anytime soon. Our small 3 bed terraced is getting a bit cramped as it is for our family. Trying to house a dog as well would definitely set us on the path to being the real life characters of A Squash and a Squeeze (without the option to making everyone go live in the garden and realise that the house is not that small after all). 

Plus with DB still quite young and requiring a lot of my time I don't feel I could manage the extra work.

The funny thing is we had been thinking of getting a puppy. But then I got unexpectedly pregnant with DB, so we got a baby instead!

I'm linking up with Sarah Miles' Monday Club.


  1. I can definitely recommend getting a dog, but they do take up a lot of time and are a big commitment. We waited until our youngest was 5 and I am so glad that we did - little children and dogs create a lot of stress!

    1. I agree ! It would be nice though to have one now as our oldest is already 10 but I'd rather wait the 'baby' is a bit older (although sh'e nearly 18 months!!).

  2. We had two dogs before my eldest was born. Actually, we had one and got a puppy when I was 3 months pg. Everyone said we were mad, but we love 'em. However, I agree, it is a lot of walking, feeding, vets bills and kennel fees....and smelly wet dogs in the kitchen!

    If you have the time and energy, they are marvellous!

  3. My parents got a dog when I was 8 so I would love that my children had the same experience. I think it's as much the space as the added work that's an issue at the moment...