Friday, 29 March 2013

The Walking Wonder!

 I think it was fate that this week's theme for the Gallery should be Walks as P. just started walking this week!!!

She  was quite happy up until now to do her very own version of bottom-shuffling, one leg dragging on the floor, one foot and one hand (on the same side)  achieving the propulsion - you can tell her dad is an engineer!
But lately she might have realised it wasn't quite cutting it if she wanted to be 'there' with the big ones. Maybe she also considered that she was soon going to be 18 months and had a mid-toddlerhood existencial crisis? So she tried a few steps with Mummy right in front of her, just in case, or she would try when nobody was watching, or she would ask for an audience and make a show of it. Then she went onto the 'crossing the room' level. I had taken another picture, the day before this one, where she had her back to me and was laughing like a maniac. When she knows we are watching her she does this funny thing of flapping her arms to get cheers and applause, in the same fashion almost as performers gesture to their public to cheer and clap louder.

So... Another big step, litteraly and figuratively, in my 'baby's' life. Next it will be the little bag/harness and walks outside! And more pictures probably (:

I'm linking up with the Gallery.

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