Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I wonder why it is that packing is just as stressful whether you go for a week end or two weeks? But incredibly stressful it is... This is what it looks like (or at least feels like) in our house ;)

The two older girls recognised themselves straight away. DD1 asked why she was just standing there looking cross. Well...


  1. Hehe i love that little drawing!! I hope you manage the rest stress free and hope you have a brilliant break :)

  2. Fabulous cartoon - I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end! Happy holidays x

  3. I recognise that cross face - looks just like my youngest! I love the fact that clothes are being thrown out as fast as they get packed! Have fun! Helen

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  5. Thanks everyone. The trip that inspired this post has actually been done already (I just didn't get a chance to finish the cartoon until after we came back!), and yes it was very nice and definitely worth it :) Until the next time we have to do some packing and will be thinking "Why, oh why, oh why..." ;)
    CP, coming over to see your blog!

  6. Too funny! I know what you mean and I am going to be doing this in the next few days! Thank heavens I'm prepared with my HUGE packing list :o)

  7. I love this drawing and I hate packing! Although my picture would show my 6 year old packing everything but the kitchen sink and Hubs asking me why I always take so long to pack (I pack for me and the kids while he packs for himself).

    1. Haha, my 8 yo is like that, packing everything in sight but generally none of the essentials (like clean underwear!).