Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I didn't link up to the Monday Club yesterday because we had just come back from a wedding in France and I was, well... not up to doing much at all!

Of course we would have thought nothing, before children, to hop on a ferry to France, drive for three hours, attend a wedding, party for most of the night, make an appearance at lunch the day after, drive back and hop on the ferry back.

But with four children in tow, including two under five, a jolly party week end comes closer to a herculean task! Even if, as it is, we didn't party for most of the night but left straight after dinner at around midnight (which was still incredibly late, none of the children having slept at all during the evening!).

The travelling and confinement in the car meant that the children were tired and restless. The fact that we had to do numerous going back and force to where the different parts of the wedding were held, didn't help matters. Not did the cold, and DD1 being car sick...

But in spite of all this, and some melt down moments when tiredness was really high, every body had a really good time!

It's funny how, when you do things as a family, you can bee in good form, warm, entertained, and have a miserable time. Or you can be cold (well, we were not cold all the time...), tired, and having to be nice to people you don't know well, and have a great time.

There was a general feeling of happiness and emotion, which can be expected from a wedding party but not necessarily the case. Our children were a hoot :) Those of our family (the groom was DH's cousin) were pleased to see us without that crippling pressure to have a quality time together that can sometimes spoil such short meetings. And, well, it was just nice!

And the genius idea that DH had to ask for a cabin on the way back (we were travelling between 5.00 pm, French time, and 9.30 pm, English time) was just a godsend!!! Three out of the four children had some sleep and DH and I, even when they were not sleeping, did not have to run after them or even just to be extra vigilant of where they were and what they were doing. A godsend... I recommend it to anyone who would do the crossing to France with LD Lines (or DFDS as they were called at the terminal, which caused us a second of panic) as the 4 berth cabin was only an additional £12 !

The picture is of DB and another little girl, at the castle were the reception was held, while we were waiting for dinner. She was greatly enjoying these stones!


  1. Ah! Kids and stones :) lovely pic

    We got a cabin when we went across to Brittany last year - SO glad! We even used it as the naughty cabin as a punishment for the kids not, alas, for any other type of naughtiness! ;)

    1. Haha! Apart from DS everybody just crashed on the beds and slept! Bliss...

  2. Sounds like you were very brave to tackle the journey with four children and two under fives! So glad you had a great time. I used to get really anxious just taking two young children away and stressed about remembering everything for the girls and then forget to pack something essential for myself! Cabins are a great idea though had to laugh at Sarah's 'naughty cabin'!

    1. That's very kind :) I would say we were mad actually! But we had a good time, even if it's taking me the whole week to recover !