Monday, 24 June 2013

Plastered? Not me...

I have a confession to make... I never get plastered, hammered, pissed, drunk as a skunk, trashed, smashed, or 'rond comme une queue de pelle'.

It's in part cultural, probably. In France people drink as much as in other countries, even more than some, but they do so by drinking often, a little : generally a glass of wine with their meal, sometimes an 'apéro' before the meal.

Also I hate being sick, nearly to the point of phobia. So I've always steered clear of heavy drinking. I suffered from migraines from the age of 13, no way will I suffer the same symptoms from my own doings.

I don't like either the idea of loosing control and putting myself or someone else in danger.
So I drink, a bit. I can get slightly merry but no more and I like it like this. The only thing is, I think, it can appear a bit judgemental not to join in with the drinking when at a party. As a matter of fact DH and I have felt in the past that we were not invited to events where everybody on our Facebook newsfeed seemed to be going, because, as mild drinkers, we are not seen as party material...

It's strange, isn't it, how an apparently small difference can make you feel that you don't really 'fit in'. Even on the Monday school run, I can't join in stories of drunken evenings and Sunday morning hangover, nore do I dare to say 'I wouldn't know, I never get drunk.'

So there, I say it to you, readers, I never get drunk!!


  1. I almost never get drunk either for similar reasons and I live in Spain where debauchery is the norm. I'm the grandma of all my friends :)

  2. And there's nothing wrong with that! I like a few wines but I never have more than a few these days, it just doesn't agree with me and to be quite frank, I think I'm past all that!

  3. Even I rarely have a hangover these days...but I fear it is because my tolerance levels have risen :-/

    Nobody should judge you for NOT drinking, more the other way around I should think!

  4. This is funny as this was completely my experience when living in France - the French drink a little and often whilst the Brits drink a lot....and often! My French Hubs says that you can always tell the Brit girls as they are the ones lying in the gutter, to wind me up as I'm a Brit ;-)

  5. Thanks everyone :)

    Ali, I like your comment about being the grandma of your friends, lol!

    Suzanne, I agree about getting to a point where we're past all that :) but it seems to be later here. In France you really only see people in their late teens doing the party-drink combo! Although, as I said in my post, it doesn't mean people drink less over there, it's just more staggered !

    Sarah, probably it's me being a bit self conscious if I don't drink when others do... As for the bit about not being invited to parties, I don't know if it falls into being judged but it's unfortunately true!

    FM, lol ! I don't think we French can criticize British drinking as French people are, in my view, much more irresponsible when it comes to drinking and driving!!