Friday, 19 July 2013

Derelict beauty

For this week's Photo of the Week I've chosen another picture of our trip to Belgium.

We went on the Water Bus late one day. It was the last trip of the afternoon and the boat was going from the centre of Brussels to a town called Vilvoorde but not back. So we hopped on a train instead, after spending 10 mn taking pictures of the old shelters...

They must have been beautiful in their high days but now they're rusty, bent, their glass panes are broken. They would be perfect in an eerie abandoned train station but Vilvoorde station is very much working, modern trains rushing past these wavering beauties, making us - accidental spectators - afraid to see them crash to the ground by the sheer closeness of such brutal force.

We came back to Brussels that evening feeling as if we'd truly travelled to another world.

You can see in the background the only shelter that retained some of its glass.

Friday, 12 July 2013


We're spending the week in Brussels but this pic could have been taken anywhere! Where ever there are pigeons, children run after them :)