Friday, 20 September 2013

Noise fatigue

A friend was recently relating how her 4 1/2 year old is starting to talk back and argument, and how she likes, in comparison, her youngest one's 'monkey talk'.

I agree that toddler talk is very sweet and that argumentation, when your patience is running thin and all you want is some peace, argumentation then is frankly quite annoying. Still the no-language phase had its downside too.

DB is now 23 months and not remotely bothered with learning to talk. Well she has two languages to learn for one thing,  plus she's far too busy developing 'higher' skills (or so she seems to think) as observed in her siblings' doings. Saying 'No' and her brother's name with every possible inflection makes her content in expressing what she needs to express.
However... With her needs and wants getting more varied and complex Mummy's intuition isn't always enough to know what her dear little one wants. It can be extremely frustrating for both of us. Especially when, presented with the wrong offering, she starts whining. Oh the whining! That really gives me noise fatigue.

I know, I know, this week's cartoon is only vaguely linked to the post... It was inspired by a friend's status on Facebook about her daughter singing "J'aimerai toujours
Le temps des bêtises." (I will always love the time of silly things)
The real words being "J'aimerai toujours
Le temps des cerises." (I will always love the time of cherries).
Another kind of noise fatigue!

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