Friday, 8 November 2013

Letter to Nestlé

I confess that I have been complacent, trying to avoid buying Nestlé but making exceptions, like Smarties for the children. I didn't look into products which they partly own but that don't carry their name, like Garnier for example, Rowntree or Wonka bars.

But I have decided to stop being complacent, say bye bye to my Elvive conditioner and Fructis styling mousse (and with my frizzy, unruly hair, believe me it's not a small concession!) and the rest, Smarties and all.
This is the letter I've sent to Nestlé to tell them exactly why I won't buy their products any more.

Sent to on 8/11/2013

"Once-dear Nestlé,

Where did our relationship go wrong? Why did you have to go and spoil everything?

In days of old I harboured tender feelings for you. The tubes of Smarties were our red roses, Nesquik our daily display of affection. I have sweet memories of that yellow plastic box which was the base for a cheap hiding device for my radio and tape player when I got my first car.

Even before that, when I was only a child I knew you from afar. In France Gros Quik and his énorme envie of hot chocolate must have been a regular companion of my favourite tv programs.
Little did I know that it would be this aspect of you, your marketing *said in a sneery, bitter tone*, that would be the pitfall of our relationship.

I must make amends though. I doubted you, you the king of formula. I didn't believe that formula is the best, 'natural start' for babies and I breastfed my children. And then, yes, I was unfaithful, I went to a non-profit organisation and... trained as a breastfeeding counsellor with them!

That's how I learned about your cheating, your betrayals. Why, Nestlé, why did you break our agreement? Why did you break our code* ???

Maybe I could have forgiven you if you had changed your ways, if you had realised the damage you where doing. But no, people have kept telling you over and over again, and you're still putting profit before health.

And the thing is, Nestlé, babies are dying because of what you're doing, and that I can never forgive you. So I'm sorry, Nestlé, but it's good bye for ever. I won't have anything to do with you anymore..."

*Code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes

To know more about the Nestlé boycott :


  1. This all sounds really under hand by Nestle - I will have to go across and look at the article. Sorry for the delay in commenting and thanks for linking to Prose for Thought x

  2. No problem. Thanks for stopping by :)