Saturday, 30 November 2013

The French Girl and the Pancake Maker, a sort of Christmas story

Once upon a time there was a pancake maker machine, who waited on the shelves of a department store to be chosen and brought back into a home.

The day came when he was taken off the shelves, wrapped up and placed in a cupboard...

More waiting occurred but this time the Pancake Maker had a more acute sense of anticipation. Somehow he knew that something momentous was going to take place. And indeed, only a few days later, he was offered to a French girl for her 28th birthday.

The French Girl loved the Pancake Maker and often entertained friends with his help. Together they held joyous parties where everyone talked and laughed and ate.
Sometimes the French Girl was quieter than the other ones, conversing only with a French Boy as if they shared a secret... But after the parties the girl always took good care of the Pancake Maker, cleaning him with a soft cloth and putting him back in his box, until the next time.

But one day, when the French Girl took the Pancake Maker from his place in the kitchen, instead of taking him out of the box to go on the table, she put him in a bigger box. Then the Pancake Maker was moved and taken away.

When he finally came out of the big box, the Pancake Maker went on the shelves of a new house where the French Girl and the French Boy lived together. They didn't seem to have as many friends anymore because, when they made pancakes on the Pancake Maker, it was only for the two of them. They didn't even use all of the little hot plates but, in spite of this, the French Girl looked like she was eating far too much as her belly became very, very big.

None of this mattered much to the Pancake Maker. The French Girl and the French Boy still talked and laughed and ate.

But things changed again. The French Girl lost her very, very big belly. When she and the French Boy made pancakes they ate but they didn't talk nor laughed. They watched television. Sometimes the French Girl would see something that made her cry. She was sad and tired always.

Time passed... The French Girl's belly became very, very big again. People kept telling her "You must be so happy!" She answered "Yes." But she didn't sound really happy, more... guarded.

Until one day, the French Girl and the French Boy took the Pancake Maker out and it felt almost like before, when they were talking together among other people, as if they shared a secret. They talked about something that was going to happen... After eating they didn't put the Pancake Maker away but left the house.

The following day, the last day of Christmas, or Epiphany, the French Girl gave birth to a baby girl. From that day on the Pancake Make understood that, one day, the French Girl and the French Boy would use all his hot plates again, for their own family. And they would talk, and laugh and eat.

“This blog post is my  entry into the Tots100/PartSelect ’Love Your Appliance’ competition.”

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